Episode 1: Selfie

Selfie is about a high school student named Teresa who is a skilled basketball player and her boyfriend Adao. They love each other, but will one selfie destroy their entire relationship?

1. Highlighting the potential negative consequences of sharing sexual images of yourself
2. Reducing the acceptance of controlling behavior towards women and girls

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Episode 2: Shout it Out

In Shout it Out Elvira’s good friend Tina’s father is a drunkard and a gambler. When he looses at cards he is violent towards his family. This is contrasted with Elvira’s house next door where the father is often looking after his children and preparing their food. Will the community band together to stop Tina’s father before he kills his wife?

1. Demonstrating the benefits of non-violent family relationships
2. Empowering communities and individuals to reduce and prevent gender-based violence
3. Spreading information on how to file a case with the Vulnerable Persons Unit of PNTL

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Episode 3: No Means No

In No Means No the group of girls goes to a wedding party. They meet two guys Jose (a football star) and Siku (a talented singer) who are also besties. Jose thinks he is god’s gift to women and can’t believe it when the girl he has a crush on, Sonia,  decides he is a jerk. When Jose tries to push himself on Sonia, the wedding explodes and Jose’s life may be destroyed as well!

1. Decreasing the acceptance of sexual violence
2. Sharing information on how to get assistance in the cases of sexual assault

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Episode 4: Domin Mak Respeitu

Love is Respect is a continuation from the story in SELFIE, where Teresa finds a new love and her friend Lola is secretly dating Adao. There is a surprising twist to the story when someone finds themselves pregnant!

1. Provides information on teenage pregnancy prevention and promotes open dialogues in relationships about whether or not to have sex.
2. Highlights the government of Timor-Leste’s new Inclusive Education Policy, which emphasizes the importance of pregnant girls and young mothers continuing their education.

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About The Series

Ba Futuru, the NGO that brought us the Feto Fantástiku film series, is announcing its new film series Domin Nakloke / Unlocking Love. This film series is part of the Partnership for Human Development and is funded by Australian Aid. Each episode will be coupled with a talk show element that will allow for debriefing around the series content, expert advice for young people and maybe even maybe a celebrity guest! This series is being created through an Entertainment Education methodology meaning that even though the purpose is to bring important message on gender equality and violence prevention to viewers, keeping the films fun and engaging will be a top priority.

Meet the Crew

Domin Nakloke is produced by Ba Futuru a local NGO that specializes in delivering quality education products has an in-house team of media professionals that have written and produced several films.

Creative Team

Ba Futuru's drama developed team is an established creative ensemble and a go-to for drama, radio and film production in Dili. Domin Nakloke is being produced by Ba Futuru's experienced communication behavior change specialists - Sierra James (Producer), Jacinta Pereira (Assistant Director) best known for her role as Feto Fantastiku, Angelo dos Reis and Jose Henrique.

Production Team

The Creative Director of the series is an award winning Australian Film maker Ian White, who will be working with Ba Futuru’s production team and Timorese film maker Asala de Jesus (from Suku Hali) and Portuguese film maker Manuel Pestana.



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